The Village

The Little Beans Village

The central part of the play space is the Little Beans Village. In a nutshell, it’s a town built for kids. By foot or by car, kids can run errands just like mom and dad or meet up with friends in the town square. Visit our service station, grocery store, firehouse, playhouse and school. Within each of the custom built structures, the little ones will be able to step into an exciting new world.


The Little Beans firehouse is as close as it gets to the real thing. Kids can save their town while having fun. This custom play structure includes hoses, a fire pole, an activity board and a “burning building” with slides, tunnels, a maze and more.

Grocery Store

It’s time to shop. Kids can either do the shopping or work at the store. Stroll around the store with a grocery cart or work the check-out counter. This custom playhouse includes all of the bells and whistles that come with grocery shopping such as groceries, carts, and even a checkout counter with a conveyer belt. This playhouse also includes a delivery truck with steering wheel, slide and boxes for stocking groceries.

Service Station

With a parking lot full of cars, kids can maintain and fuel up at the Little Beans service station. This playhouse includes a gas pump, air station, grease barrel, workbench with tools, a tire rack, car lift monkey bars and activity board.


Home sweet home. After a busy day running around town, kids can settle in at “home” and play with the functional kitchen, hang out in the living room with a baby grand piano, or have a tea party in the parlor.


An open space for arts and crafts, games, puzzles and books all in a schoolroom setting.

In addition to the village, there’s a large open area for play, recreation and exercise. There are areas for puzzles, books and game play, a soft touch area for our crawlers to explore, and tables for parents to relax while they watch after their kids.